duminică, 17 martie 2013

hai si eu

What’s the biggest myth in our industry? 
That Cannes Lions is an Advertising Festival. In fact (most of) Cannes is to advertising what air guitar is to actual music.

Define an insight. 
It makes the brand ring true.

Define an idea. 
A brand’s opinion. May be wrong, but it should at least be interesting.

What is Planning? 
Applied curiosity.

How will W+K be making money in ten years? 
They won’t be charging money anymore, but likes for their FB page. Seriously now, they’ll still be making money from ideas in 10 years time.

Tell us something interesting. 
Did you know that true randomness is extremely hard to generate? No software can do it. You need some actual physical device that measures a natural phenomenon and translates that into bytes.

Which piece of work do you wish you’d made, and why? 
Tap Project. Because it just works on so many levels.

What’s your favourite piece of Nike work from anywhere in the world, and why? 
“Before” because it’s made from stuff that was there but nobody else thought of using and it’s brilliant.

What’s the biggest issue facing football?
We’re all clinging to heroes but it seems to me that teams are becoming so important that there’s increasingly little room left for individual (on the field) shine.

What does Just Do It mean to a kid today?
If it’s his dad’s favorite slogan, Nike is in trouble :)

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