duminică, 17 martie 2013

Bogdana face recrutari pentru W+K London

Cica se cauta planner pentru Nike la aceasta "agentioara". Iar Bogdana incearca sa mai scape din plannerii mioritici si asa putini cu urmatorul chestionar de la londonezi.

Intrebarile sunt misto.incerc niste raspunsuri.

* What’s the biggest myth in our industry?
Real people are not influenced by advertising.It's wrong. We have an incredible power to change a lot of things from opinions to behaviors.

* Define an insight.
A blessed observation.

* Define an idea.
The perfect tagline of too many thoughts

* What is Planning?
The only possible job for a too inquisitive mind.

* How will W+K be making money in ten years?
From a new agency structure based on a small crew of creative people from different areas.

* Tell us something interesting.
Nike plays in lifestyle industry along with many other brands from many markets. The competition is fierce and the share of mind is getting smaller everyday.

* Which piece of work do you wish you’d made, and why?
Gatorade Replay. Because it is based on a very simple observation of everyday life.

* What’s your favourite piece of Nike work from anywhere in the world, and why?
Write the future because Nike owned the championship in people's mind not in commercial contracts.

* What’s the biggest issue facing football?
Players'performance is related to marketing activities not to sport success

* What does Just Do It mean to a kid today?
Something to be re-written. again and again.

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